Totally Wired - Documentary about Schneiders Buero

Posted: 2009-07-28

Totally Wired is now available on Amazon, a must see for any electronic music fans out there. Really interesting documentary about the 'Schneiders Buero' store in Berlin.


Film description
Inside a crumbling socialist office block in former East Berlin, synthesiser store owner Andreas Schneider preaches the way of analogue to a loyal following of infamous electronic musicians, who flock to his store, 'Schneiders Buero', for unique boutique instruments. His business has prospered against the odds throughout the digital revolution in music, and in parallel, through a period of huge change in East Berlin. His is a haven for maverick instrument builders and passionate collectors alike. But as the twin forces of capitalism and digital technology seep through the last bricks of the Wall, how much longer can this analogue asylum survive?

This film about the 'Schneiders Buero' music store in Berlin, Germany, is a must-see for fans of analogue instruments and electronic music. Featuring exclusive material with Daniel Miller, Ricardo Villalobos, Dieter Doepfer, Junior Boys, Magda, Marc Houle, John Tejada, Anthony Rother, Ken Macbeth, Wowa Cwejman, Jessica Rylan and many more.