Bokeh Masters Kit

Posted: 2009-12-23

My Bokeh Masters Kit just arrived in the post. Last year I did a few of these shots using homemade cardboard jobs but when I saw this online I couldn't resist buying.

This is the perfect time of year to try them out too so I'll be sure to post the results after the holidays. From what I tried last night I'm not going to be disappointed. The masters kit comes with 15 very cool discs all ready to pop onto your lens and they come at an extremely reasonable price. If you are wondering what Bokeh is you can read all about it here and make your own.

My only issue is this year my beloved 50mm is broken. Stuck at a fixed focus length forever or until I get it fixed so that makes things difficult to say the least, got broken at flash on the beach this year and was the only lens I had with me...