February show up

February show is up and its a great show, close up images that I would really aspire to be able to capture some day. Amazing that they are taken with just skill and patience no special lenses at all. You should also check out Raymond's site which is a nice bit of work in itself and has a lot of interesting background on how he takes these great shots.
comments | 2004-02-02

Hutton Inquiry - white wash?

Quite amazing that after all the weeks and months of investigation the UK government walk away unscathed, the BBC it would seem are going to carry the responsibility for Dr Kelly's death.

The facts still remain that the MOD released Dr Kelly's name to the press not the BBC. In fact the MOD told the world When Dr Kelly came forward to his bosses in the MOD to tell them he had met Mr Gilligan, they released this information to the press. At this stage they didn't reveal his name, only that a civil servant had identified himself to them as the possible source. But they did this knowing that the media would find the name eventually. The MOD press office were told that if a journalist asked was it Dr Kelly they were to confirm this. So the MOD released Dr Kelly to the lions not the BBC. As far as I can see the BBC tried to protect their source.

Dr Kelly takes his own life, the government are cleared of any blame, the BBC are given the blame... Something stinks here, and Lord Hutton is apparently not the most impartial judge they could have picked, Frederick Forsysthe was saying this on the BBC this morning.

At the end of the day Dr Kelly's family are left without a husband, father, and his employers who left him all alone in the cold, walk away scott free.
Good article in today's Gaurdian by Jonathan Freedland
Hutton Inquiry
Ministry of Defence

comments | 2004-01-29

Resources and rss feeds

Finally got some semblance of order onto the resources page. Been doing a lot of work and learning at the same time on manipulating external rss feeds. These are great and I have used them previously on the site for the cnn and bbc feeds on this page but in the resources page I've refined the code to make adding new ones a lot easier for me. Its more for me that I've done this update to the resources page, now I can quickly scan through my essential reading sites at a glance each day and hit the article that interests me.

For more info on rss check out this tutorial. I'm also hoping to add a tutorial for any coldfusion developers out there to document the issues I came across some of which were extremely frustrating

comments | 2004-01-27

Images from China

Just before Christmas I was lucky enough to go to China on a work trip. Absolutely amazing place with the most hospitable people I've ever met. I didn't get too long for taking pictures but i managed to take a few. They'll give you a taste of the place. I was in a city called Dalian to the east of Beijing. The city is on the east coast and is a large ship building city now becoming a large technology centre

View images from China

comments | 2004-01-06

Eoin Flynn exhibition

Eoin Flynn one of the first artists to show on this site is having a show in Cork that start on January the 6th. The show is on at the Granary Theatre in the Mardyke in Cork. The show is called "The Organic Form" and is part of the Cork Fringe Festival 2004. If you are in Cork check out the show his work's great. You can see some of Eoin's work in the exibitions section of this site.
comments | 2004-01-04

Human rights watch

Was just checking Human rights watch site, well worth visiting regularily if your interested in whats wrong with the world. If you visit make sure to check out the photo galleries. This one is really depressing its a photo essay on the illegal West Bank Separation Barrier Israel is building.
comments | 2003-12-18

Max Lyons site

Got sent on this link (thanks Kev!) to this incredible site. This photographer Max Lyons, is really pushing things to the limit. He's created a digital images that's 40,784 x 26,800 pixels big! Following on from this link I found panorama and stitching programs which I'm just looking at now, but they look really promising. I've been messing around in photoshop trying to stitch images but if youve tried youl know its quite hard to take certain things into account. These programs take a lot of that out of the equation. They also render the composites as psd files with layers, very cool! Check out his site and have a good look round some great stuff here.
comments | 2003-12-03

Kid Koala vids

Just been watching the video for "basin street blues". The track is from Kid Koala's latest album "Some Of My Best Friends Are DJ's" which I am eagerly waiting to recieve.

Great animation in this piece lovely visuals, and the track is super. Also was checking out another Koala vid for "fender bender", you should definitely check them out.

comments | 2003-11-21

New images added

Michele Grimson, our first exhibitor has added two great images to her photography show, you can check them out here.
comments | 2003-11-17

Multiple versions of ie on single PC

I'm sure this is going to spread like absoluite wildfire round the web but this clever person has worked out from microsofts beta browser IE SP1b that runs alongside your current version, how to do the same for all old versions of ie!

Amazing and it works which is even more amazing. As I write I now have ie4.01, ie5.0, ie5.5 and ie6 all running on my one machine!

Another kind soul Ryan Parman has put together .zip files of all the modified versions of the browsers for download. I've downloaded and installed them and they work, no more multiple machines!!

There are one or two small quirks which are listed on the site but hey, compared to having 4 machines for testing this is a god send.

comments | 2003-11-13