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An experiment using NodeBox, jQuery and CSS »

Mother Teresa generated with css Marilyn Monroe generated with css

Playing around with the fabulous Nodebox the other day and found the core_image library. This library easily allows for pixel sampling from an image, I was messing around with saving out the colour data if files when i realised you could easily save out the RGB values to a css file then use jQuery to render out the image again in a Chuck Close style.

Anyway thought I'd put some of these together so others could maybe take this and play a bit further? If you haven't tried ...

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Drawing with the Cosmonaut stylus on the Apple iPad with Sketchbook Pro »

Drawing of author Richard Matheson
Richard Matheson
Cosmonaut stylus with SketchBook Pro on Apple iPad
Large version here

The Cosmonaut stylus

So Studio Neat’s Cosmonaut arrived in the post over the Christmas, an early present to myself. Wanted to write a short piece on my feelings after using this new stylus with SketchBook Pro on the iPad.
Studio Neat have made a stylus that is the answer to all I have been looking for in a stylus for drawing on the iPad. It is simply product design done right, figuring out what the problems ...

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Drawing on Apple iPad with SketchBook Pro and Pogo stylus »

When I got an Apple iPad the first thing I was eager to try was drawing on it. As a painter I have long tried to create art digitally and have found it frustrating. The Wacom table is a fabulous piece of technology, its pressure sensitivity and accurate response to your movements is amazing. However I could never get past the disconnect between the tablet and screen, just too hard to overcome a lifetime spent seeing marks being made where the implement touched the material. And yes I know there ...

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New site launched. New Exhibition from Caroline Keî »

At last I can post this small update on the site. I have been working away for the last few months on this rebuild and redesign of newchemicalhistory.com. It has been a large undertaking for as well as re designing the site I moved to Python and Django. The site was previously on coldfusion but I've been wanting to move to Python and Django for a while now. I also decided to move it to html 5 at the same time. So a lot to learn and investigate ...

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Natural History Museum reopens in Dublin »

The Natural History Museum in Dublin has finally reopened it's doors after a three year closure following an accident with a stairs. One of my favourite spots in the city it's an amazing place. I spent a long time here while an art student drawing and have a real love of the place. Went in at the weekend, first weekend after the reopening and there was a massive crowd in the place.

A new experience that, as its usually a quiet oasis in town where you can wander ...

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Taxi - An exhibition of Japanese works by Alexander James »

Alexander James previous exhibitor on newchemicalhistory has an exhibition of his work running at the moment in the Coningsby gallery in London. The Taxi shots look amazing, if you are in London would be well worth checking out.

"Photographer Alexander James has traveled the globe in search of his subjects. He first traveled to Japan in 1996 to first work on the ‘Taxi’ series, this ongoing body of work has brought him back to Tokyo on many an occasion.

This series illustrates his fascination with the energy of urban taxi ...

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