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Brian Pont

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Brian Pont

So what should I say about myself? should I write that I'm 25 years old? That I live in Vancouver, British Columbia? How about the fact that I like all kinds of films and music... hmmm, I wonder if that is relevant? Oh... photography... I can write about that. I can tell you about the cameras that I use, the old 1969 Miranda Sensomat SLR that I love to death, the one that I've been using throughout my photographic career. Or the Lomo LC-A 35mm and Holga Medium Format camera that I recently discovered. Would anyone be interested in that kind of information? What about film. I always shoot with film. I love AGFA Slide film. It's great when cross-processed. Perhaps that's being a bit too technical.How about the fact that I'm inspired by the work of Robert Frank and William Eggleston, great photographers and artists.

I'm inspired by the city where I live. The street lights and power lines that most people walk past everyday but never stop to think about. I'm inspired by age and its long-lost forgotten possessions. I?m inspired by the night-time sky. I shouldn't forget about the night sky. Well, I guess I should just say that I'm a photographer; I love viewing our world through the camera lens and I love clicking down the shutter.

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