New Chemical History ~ { an art journal }

Painting that is titled Charlotte in the Night Garden, a young girl is show holding a dandelion in the fading light of day with mountains and a settlement in the background

New Chemical History

Art journal by Kieran Guckian, a space where I post work in progress and completed work, mainly painting. I set up this site back in 2003 as an exhibition space for invited artists to show their work and I've archived those exhibitions now on the site.

Latest Entries
Portrait of Elise
Portrait of Elise
Painting with a limited palette, forest with river in Kerry
Forest with river in Kerry
Elise's great granddaughter in transit to Mars
Digital painting
Tree lined avenue Autumn
Current work in progress, autumnal tree lined road, Acrylics
Curated Exhibition Archive
JP Rosa
Kim Hart
David Lanham
Jared Tarbell