New Chemical History ~ { an art journal }

Curated Exhibitions

From early 2003 there was a regular cadence of exhibitions from invited artists to show their work on the site. Below is the archived versions of these exhibitions, I'd like to again thank all the contrbuting artists for taking part in the exhibition space in those years.

Nikita Gavrilovs
Caroline Kei
Mario Sughi
Claudio Parentela
Julia Fredenburg
TygerLily Ernst Wonch
Mark Stanley
Lee Kendall
dandem photo
Susan Kenny
Michele Grimson
Eoin Flynn
Antonio Carusone
Caroline Moore
Danny Regan
End of year show 2003
David Lanham
Kim Hart
Nicole de Rueda
Catherine Stowell
Raymond A.vanderWoning
Agata Lenczewska
Naoto Hattori
Jared Tarbell
Caroll Planque
Rachel Combs-Gullick
Hanne Piasecki
Tomasz Sobieraj
Kevin O'Connell
JP Rosa
L. Tallman
Manuel Arenas
Enzo Marra
Brian Pont
Group Show 2005
Matt Cheetham
Marta Valujeva
Balazs Borocz
Erik Abel
Kim Winderman
Johnny Maher
Group Show 2006
Rob O'Connor
Brendan Baker
Mark Lewis Horst
Alex and Cocco
Kelly Burgess
Akira Beard
Jaime Braz
Liam Power