New Chemical History ~ { an art journal }

Caroline Kei

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Caroline Kei

I was born in 1984, somewhere in the clouds, and since then I have always lived here and somewhere else at the same time. I have always looked at the world in a dreamy way.

One fine day, I packed my bags, tossed my light cameras inside and set out to draw my imaginary land.

Forever following the brightest road, I like to catch inspiration in mid-flight: birds, wandering clouds, melodies in the sky and airy fields. I love details raining in the sun, floating, drifting colours and bright red petals. And people. People fly through my photos in a blue whirl, like a carousel; they are playing and so am I.

This is my favourite game: blending dreams into life. I open windows, and I walk across the rooftops at night and during the day. I discover new places, trains and landscapes that parade in front of me, full of colourful surprises and joyful, beautiful accidents, wavering reeds and simple things.

I love the sea and its big waves. I love the air and I live for changes.

All images are © Caroline Kei