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Mario Sughi

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Mario Sughi

Mario Sughi is an Italian illustrator, cartoonist and historian, living and working in Dublin , he is a member of the Associazione Illustratori and the author of nerosunero. In Rome, at the end of the Seventies, he worked as an humorist in the last year of IL Male and then for Zut, Italian satirical magazines. He moved to Dublin in the late 80s where he studied Medieval History and in 1995 he was awarded a PhD by Trinity College Dublin. His illustrations and cartoons, satirical in humor and minimalist in style have been published on international exhibition catalogues ( Offf Barcelona 07, Semi permanent Sidney 2008, Ink 01 International Illustration Rally 08, Bilbao); magazines (The Dubliner/Dublin, Clam Magazine, Paris - New York, Ideafixa/Brazil, Fluro Magazine/New Zeland, DXI/Valencia), websites ( Juxtapoz, Paintalicious, Yay! Monday! Evilmonito, Design Mils) and art galleries (Sexy Art Gallery, London, The Shiny Squirrel Gallery, NY; Little Paper Airplanes, L.A; Umber Studios, Minneapolis; 180 Gallery Cambridge, Ontario; Wannabee and DOZ Gallery Milan, Italy; Irish Art House, Tullamore and The Loft, Dublin, Ireland, Turn-Berlin, Germany)

LÜrzer's Archive included Mario Sughi in their compilation "200 best illustrators worldwide 2009”.

Mario Sughi: A new sense of emptiness My first preoccupation is always about forms and colors. And my aim is to create balanced, elegant and clear images. They are very colourful but when they are terminated I regard them successful only if, despite the strong colors, their main quality is still a delicate one. All of them focus on people and apparently there is always a sort of narrative going on. The main feature of both the figures and narrative moving in those illustrations is a sense of lightness that at moment becomes almost emptiness, with the result that at any moment those figures (the women as well as the men) can lose entirely all their possible meanings

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