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Matt Cheetham

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Matt Cheetham

I have been working as a photographer for just under 5 years now. I was in Japan when I started photography on an unplanned journey around the world with no intention of returning to my native country, (UK), and thought I should get a nice camera to record my journey. Music has always been a passion for me and so naturally this is one of the first areas I started taking pictures. An exhibition of my work at the British Council in Tokyo led to commercial work at music magazines and websites in Japan and abroad.

The main reason for travelling was apathy after leaving university with no idea of what I wanted to do with my life, I figured better to go and find what I wanted to do rather than wait for it to come to me while doing some dead-end job in the UK, so when I found photography the desire to travel took second place while I learnt the skills to establish myself as a photographer . I am currently back in London working as a photographer as well as music programming an internet radio station.This exhibition is a collection of images from my latest (hopefully not last) journey after leaving Japan when I travelled on the Indian Sub-continent for 3 months.

All images are © Matt Cheetham